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The MAXIMUS Center for Health Literacy serves as a national resource to help develop communication solutions to improve public health and human services programs, empower consumers, and foster healthier communities. Find out more about the Center for Health Literacy at or follow us on Twitter @health literacy.

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“One of the best and most useful conferences I’ve ever attended, especially considering the cost. The value was incredible. I’ve attended conferences that cost four or five times more and didn’t receive a fraction of the useful information I got here.”
“Great content, super networking, sessions were the perfect length, and wonderful food.”
“I’ll be back next year for sure.”
“The workshops were incredibly helpful in teaching and reinforcing concrete, usable skills.”
“Every session I went to was good, if not great.”
“I thought this was the most interesting conference I’ve ever attended.”
“So many experts in the field in one place.”
“A good mix of speakers with interesting perspectives and a variety of backgrounds.”
“Thank you again for stretching my brain with this conference.”