Cindy Brach, MPP

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Cindy Brach is a Senior Health Policy Researcher at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). She conducts and oversees research on health literacy, cultural and linguistic competence, quality improvement, Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Cindy leads AHRQ’s health literacy activities, coordinating the Agency’s work in developing measures, improving the evidence base and creating implementation tools. Cindy’s health literacy projects have included the development of the first and second editions of the AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit, the CAHPS® Item Set for Addressing Health Literacy, the new Re-engineered Discharge Toolkit, and most recently the Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool (PEMAT). She serves on the Institute of Medicine’s Roundtable on Health Literacy, where she led an effort to define the attributes of a health literate organization.

Cindy is also AHRQ’s point person for cultural and linguistic competence. Cindy has served on the National Project Advisory Committee to enhance the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services and on the Department of Health and Human Services’ Language Access Steering Committee. Cindy oversaw the development of the TeamSTEPPS Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Module. She currently oversees the national evaluation of the CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Grant Program. Cindy has also worked on improving chronic care, overseeing the development of Integrating Chronic Care and Business Strategies in the Safety Net: A Toolkit for Primary Care Practices and Clinics, and co-authoring The Practice Facilitation Handbook: Training Modules for New Facilitators and Their Trainers.

Cindy received her Master of Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley, where she was also advanced to PhD candidacy.


Cindy Brach, MPP

Becoming a Health Literate Organization

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