“The Impossible Dream”: Safe, High-Quality, High-Reliability and Patient-Centered Care

Sherri Loeb, BSN, RN | Salon 4

Clinical Research Nurse, Advocate Health Care



Sherri Loeb BSN, RN will talk about the health care journey she shared with her late husband Jerod Loeb, PhD, Joint Commission Executive Vice President for Healthcare Quality Evaluation, following his diagnosis of stage IV metastatic prostate cancer. Sherri will discuss the difficulty that they encountered navigating the system and obtaining safe, high-quality care that also encompassed patient-centered compassionate care, patient engagement and shared decision making. Even with a combined 65 years of experience, the communication between patient and the system is close to impossible to navigate. By sharing their story, Sherri hopes to help find ways to change this and enlighten not only the health care community, but the lay community as well on ways to help make their impossible dream come true.


Learning objectives:

  • Be able to explain what patient-centered care is and how to use it
  • Explain shared decision making



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