Health Insurance Literacy

Lynn Quincy, MA | Salon 2

Associate Director, Health Policy, Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports



Four years ago the phrase “Health Insurance Literacy” hadn’t even been coined and the topic was not on researchers’ radar. Things have really changed since that time! In this session you will hear the big picture. You will learn about the rapidly evolving policy, research and philanthropy landscape that touches on health insurance literacy. We will summarize current research. New tools will be demoed that endeavor to improve consumers’ health insurance literacy and new policies discussed that seek to improve the environment in which consumers shop for coverage. Armed with this information, we can engage in a lively discussion of “what comes next”?


Learning objectives:

  • Learn how health insurance literacy is different from health literacy
  • Learn how recently health insurance literacy became a widely recognized term and a key study focus
  • Learn that there’s a lot left to do to improve health insurance literacy but also lots of momentum



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