Giving High-Tech Communications High-Touch Impact

Amy Lynn Smith | Salon 1

Writer + Communications Strategist, Amy Lynn Smith – Writer + Strategist



Technology gives health care messaging unprecedented reach. But without a human touch, it won’t make a lasting impression.

Storytelling provides that human touch. It gives consumers a concrete connection to the information they’re receiving. It improves health care literacy by making abstract details concrete and putting them into context.

No matter what health care topic you’re communicating about, personal stories help you grab the audience—and hold on to them. It makes everything you communicate more compelling, because it gives people a story to remember and a role model to emulate. They can see how a behavior, program or health condition would directly affect them. And it works across every medium, including 140-character tweets. It even works in a clinical setting, where it can help providers better explain diagnoses and treatment strategies.

This energetic session will demonstrate exactly how storytelling works to improve health literacy, provide strategies for putting storytelling to work across various mediums including websites, video and social media, and offer targeting tips to reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand the value of storytelling as a communication tool
  • Learn strategies to apply storytelling techniques in any medium
  • Gather ideas to strengthen your communication programs and campaigns
  • For health care providers, learn how to incorporate anonymous stories into diagnostic and treatment conversations



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